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Submission to the ACT Gov Community Consultation on Voluntary Assisted Dying

DWDACT Inc. made a submission to the recent public enquiry by the ACT Government calling for ACT citizens to provide their views to it prior to the Legislative Assembly making laws regarding this matter. Our submission was drafted using the YourSay terms of reference and also responds to the questions asked in the discussion paper provided as a basis for responses.

The DWDACT Inc. submission also adds data from the ABS about deaths in the ACT and encourages the ACT Legislative Assembly to draft legislation that is consistent with the ACT Human Rights Act.

The Canadian Medical Association and Voluntary Assisted Dying – An Example For Others

The new CMA policy and other action of the Canadian Medical Association related to voluntary assisted dying provide an example of responsible, professional and principles-based policy and action which should be emulated by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and other medical groups in Australia. The CMA policy and other related…

Euthanasia Politics in the Australian State and Territorial Parliaments

Alison Plumb has submitted a thesis  for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy of The Australian National University on Euthanasia Politics in the Australian State and Territorial Parliaments. The issue of voluntary euthanasia has a turbulent history in the state and territorial parliaments. Since the passage of the Euthanasia Laws…

Be My Voice

Advance Care Planning is a way to help you think about, plan, talk about and share your thoughts and wishes about your future health care.

Death Fetish

In all modern societies across the world death takes on the form of a fetish. A so-called ‘natural’ death or, in other words, death by disease is the process we force on people because it has the status of being the ‘right thing’ to do. It conforms to the will of authorities both government and church and it conforms with the will of families.

Panel – Death Gone Wrong

While birth and marriage are discussed and dissected to the point of fetishisation, the final, inevitable life event gets much less airtime. We just try to avoid it for as long as possible. As our societies take us further and further away from the physical reality of death, a lucky…