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Dying With Dignity NSW campaigns for legislation to provide for medically assisted death with strict guidelines.We believe that individuals should have the right to choose a peaceful death when suffering is unrelievable and death inevitable.

Dying with Dignity Victoria is an active law reform and ‘self help’ organisation pursuing public policies and laws in the state of Victoria that enhances self-determination and dignity at the end of life.

Dying with Dignity Queensland. believes that people, particularly those who are elderly or who are suffering from a terminal or hopeless illness, should not be forced to endure severe distress against their wishes.

Dying with Dignity Tasmania seeks to achieve legislation giving effect to freedom of choice and individual human rights, so that any person suffering through illness or other medical condition, severe pain or distress for which no remedy is available that is acceptable to the person, should be entitled by law to a painless and dignified death in accordance with that person’s expressed direction.

Voluntary Assisted Dying South Australia believes that there are those among us whose personal circumstances and life perspective lead them to rationally consider a medically induced death and that it is wrong to deny that option in all circumstances: and voluntary euthanasia is a desperately needed emergency exit for some.

Dying with Dignity Western Australia (DWDWA) seeks to bring about changes to the law and to medical ethics to allow a person, suffering severe pain or distress with no reasonable prospect of recovery, to receive, with the proper safeguards, a painless medically assisted and dignified death in accordance with his or her expressed wishes.

Northern Territory Voluntary Euthanasia Society (NTVES) was formed in 1995 after the passage of Voluntary Euthanasia legislation in the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly. Marshall Perron’s Rights of the Terminally Ill Act (ROTI) was the world’s first VE legislation. It survived several appeals and became usable on 1 July 1996. Four people made use of ROTI before a private member’s bill in Federal Parliament in March 1997 took away the right of a territory parliament to make VE legislation. The States of Australia still have that right.

Advance Care Planning  If your choices for future health care are known, they can be respected.

World Federation Right to Die  Societies


Exit ACT

Christians supporting choice for Voluntary Euthanasia believe that, as a demonstration of love and compassion, those with a terminal or hopeless illness should have the option of a pain-free, peaceful and dignified death with legal voluntary euthanasia.

Exit International is the End of Life Choices information & advocacy organisation, founded by Dr Philip Nitschke MD, PhD.

Dying With Dignity is a Canadian national charity working to improve quality of dying and expand end-of-life options.