Dying With Dignity ACT
Dying With Dignity ACT
Dying With Dignity ACT
Dying With Dignity ACT
Dying With Dignity ACT


Dying with Dignity ACT is a non-profit organisation of volunteers committed to law reform to enable ACT citizens to have assistance to die.

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The Law in Canberra

Do you know the law in Canberra and the ACT around dying with dignity?

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An Elective Death

An alternative to the callous way we die today is an elective death.

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Latest News

Starting the conversation about VAD Talking to your doctor

Queensland’s VAD law will become a reality on 1 January 2023. The QLD Health Implementation Unit is encouraging health practitioners -  doctors and nurses – to register their interest, check their eligibility and sign up for online training. Getting enough trained practitioners will be “critical to...
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Voluntary Assisted Dying – Media Watch 3-9 Jul 22

This week in Australia it’s all about the territories.  In the Also of Interest section note the latest update from the End of Life Law Centre at QUT and the latest newsletter from the World Federation of Right to Die Societies.
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Bulletin 27

In this final Bulletin for 2021 I hope to pull together some of the events that have occurred this year and to draw some conclusions for you about what they might mean for the future of the Dying with Dignity movement in the ACT. Earlier this...
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Ethical Rights Voluntary Assisted Dying Survey 2021

Dr David Swanton surveyed voluntary assisted dying (VAD) advocates around the world throughout 2020–2021. Some of you may know David because he runs the Exit group here in Canberra. He thanks the 52 ACT residents who responded to the survey. His survey was not designed to...
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Bulletin 26

Please find following a couple articles, one from the Right to Die newsletter from the US and one from the President of DWDNSW. I have reproduced in full the article from Colombia which was reprinted in the Right to Die Newsletter because it highlights my main...
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Bulletin 25

Jane Morris of Media Watch has presented her readers with such a comprehensive coverage of the Queensland vote for their VAD legislation that I have decided to copy it in full for you rather than condense it. The things I draw from her report to note...
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