Euthanasia Politics in the Australian State and Territorial Parliaments

storytellingAlison Plumb has submitted a thesis  for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy of The Australian National University on Euthanasia Politics in the Australian State and Territorial Parliaments.

The issue of voluntary euthanasia has a turbulent history in the state and territorial parliaments. Since the passage of the Euthanasia Laws Act 1997 in the Federal Parliament, which overturned the Northern Territory’s Rights of the Terminally Ill Act, successive attempts to reform the law in the states have been unsuccessful. Those who support the practice argue that this is remarkable and moreover unacceptable, pointing to opinion poll data that report a consistently high level support amongst the Australian public for legalisation. Consequently, the puzzle posed that this thesis seeks to answer is, why has subsequent law reform on voluntary euthanasia not taken place in Australia, despite widespread support from the public and considerable support from the medical profession?

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  1. Lynda Cracknell

    I understand the thesis has now been accepted. It represents a huge amount of research and provides valuable insights into political resistance to voluntary euthanasia in various states and territories including the ACT.
    Very valuable for supporters to be able to home in on areas of political concern.

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