The Dying With Dignity ACT Committee is:

President Jeanne Arthur
Secretary Vacant
Treasurer Tony Whelan
Member Robert Altamore
Member Carol Carlyon
Member Joan Post


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    Dying with Dignity ACT is a non-profit group of volunteers committed to law reform that would enable our citizens to have assistance to die. We:

    • lobby federal and local bodies.
    • recommend to local politicians the legislative changes that we think are needed in the ACT in relation to assisted dying.
    • communicate with DWD and VES organizations around Australia
    • engage with The World Federation Right to Die Societies as an active member
    • attend national and international conferences.
    • inform ourselves about legislation on assisted dying in other countries.
    • organize forums with local and national speakers of note.
    • run general meetings with speakers each year on a range of matters including organ donation, respecting patients’ choices, statistics on polls held on the issue of voluntary euthanasia and enduring power of attorney, dementia and the law.
    • update our members regularly about meetings, the latest publications, ideas, events and other issues through our website, Bulletins, letters and email.

    We welcome new members. Our membership is important to us because we can lobby more effectively if our numbers are high.

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    General meetings in 2020 are to be held on:

    • Deferred Thursday 30 April @10:30am (David Pryce, the Registrar-General has written to DWDACT to say that a three month extension has been granted until 30 October 2020 given that our AGM was scheduled for April 30.
    • Thursday 22 October, Public Meeting – @10:30 am

    Committee meetings in 2020 are to be held at the Grant Cameron Community Centre (Holder) on:

    • Thursday 27 Feb @ 10:30 am
    • Thursday 26 March @ 2.00 pm
    • Thursday 28 May @10:30 am
    • Thursday 25 June @ 10:30 am
    • Thursday 27 August @ 2.00 pm
    • Thursday 24 September @ 10:30 am

    Members are welcome to attend any Committee meeting, but please call us first on 51040920 (leave a message) to check that the date has not changed.

    Usual Meeting Location:
    The Grant Cameron Community Centre in the Ground floor Meeting rooms, 27 Mulley St, Holder, ACT

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