Panel – Death Gone Wrong

While birth and marriage are discussed and dissected to the point of fetishisation, the final, inevitable life event gets much less airtime. We just try to avoid it for as long as possible. As our societies take us further and further away from the physical reality of death, a lucky majority haven’t even seen a dead body or had a loved one die until we are well into adulthood. But with this death taboo harder and harder to break, we have given away our right to a good death. While we want to die peacefully at home, surrounded by those we love, we die in hospitals alone, tethered to the machines of heroic medicine. And as our health systems groan under rising costs, preventive medicine is sacrificed to end of life interventions that only prolong the inevitable and could be seen as torture if applied to any but the dying. Even if it seems too late to fix death gone wrong, we owe it to our future selves to try.

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