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Bulletin 20

Members, meeting dates for this year are in this Bulletin . Please put them in your diary keeping in mind that the 24th of October may be subject to change if our guest speaker cannot make that date. Notices will be sent in advance of the meetings.

Bulletin 19

This 2018 year is ending ambiguously for the ACT Dying with Dignity movement. The pursuit of Federal politicians in Australia to justify their passing the Euthanasia Laws Act which began in April 2 years ago has born some fruit at the international level.

An Open Letter to the Pope

In July 2015 the World Federation of Right to Die Societies (WFRtDS) asked its 50 member societies to identify the most common arguments against voluntary euthanasia. They identified that the main opposition came from religious leaders and religious political parties.

DIGNITAS Newsletter – November 2018

Assisted suicide is still prohibited by law in many countries. Free and responsible citizens continue to be patronised and prevented against their will from ending their suffering and life in a manner they personally consider dignified. Relatives and friends who respect the wish of a seriously ill person to die and who give him or her their support are still being treated as criminals.