The South Australian Experience – Presentation

The South Australian Experience – Presentation

Dying with Dignity ACT is inviting members of the public to attend a General meeting at which Frances Coombes, President of SAVES (South Australian Voluntary Euthanasia Society) will speak about the process of making changes to legislation to allow people to access assistance to die.

The General Meeting will be held at the Community hall at the Hughes Shopping Centre at 2.00 p.m. on the 24th November 2016.

Frances Coombe has a teaching background and since 2001 has been President of the South Australian Voluntary Euthanasia Society (SAVES). Since that time she has overseen support of 13 VE Bills. SAVES has been working for law reform since 1983, staffed entirely by volunteers. In that time she has initiated specialist advocacy groups that are a strong lobbying influence for law reform, some becoming national groups and all staffed again by volunteers:
• Doctors for Voluntary Euthanasia Choice
• South Australian Nurses Supporting Choices in Dying
• SAVE-YA – Syndicated Australian Voluntary Euthanasia Youth Advocates
• Christians Supporting Choice for Voluntary Euthanasia
• Lawyers for Dying with Dignity
• My Body – My Choice – VE (disability advocacy)

Frances works with passion and a strong conviction that legalising voluntary euthanasia is an ethical imperative. Compassion for suffering is the driving force behind legislative reform.
There are 2 voluntary euthanasia bills currently under debate in the SA Parliament, the Voluntary Euthanasia Bill 2016 and the Death with Dignity Bill 2016. Support from Members of Parliament is very encouraging.

SAVES has welcomed input and is delighted to work with Andrew Denton’s newly formed Go Gentle Australia team in support of the Bills. Andrew has a high profile in all forms of current Australian media, and the explosion of media interest in law reform is extremely valuable.
Frances will be presenting a brief history of the drive for law reform in SA, and giving advice on effective means of promoting such reform – persistence, engaging with the public, respectful dialogue and involvement in the political process.

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