We all should have the peaceful death of our choice

We all should have the peaceful death of our choice

My name is Joan. I am 80 years

I joined DWD ACT Inc. because of loved ones painful and long death, an observed close family member then beginning a long depression.

I have been a member for 4 years with Dying with Dignity.

I want to change the law because we don’t allow our animals to suffer as we humans have to suffer at the end of life. It is too cruel for our loved animals yet we can only watch and feel inadequate to relieve our loved one’s distress. Sadly few people die gracefully in their sleep.

The law should be changed to allow a peaceful life exit like we do for our loved animals.

I don’t have any health problems other than at 80 I am slowing down. At present I live independently but having nursed for over 40 years as a registered nurse, midwife, I have observed and felt for many dependent patients the indignity of having their soiled bodies cleaned, the indignity of having to be fed, the isolation of not being able to be heard, the fear of what is going to happen to me physically –if blind- and unable to see, the lack of control of body faeces-urine, the pain of being turned physically, the agonising fearful distress in respiratory failure, the foetid smell when there is a lack of ability to do your own dental hygiene. I have always been fortunate to make my own direction in life; how I wish I could make the decision for my end of life.

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