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Dignified Debate

Last month, a spellbinding 10-hour debate to legalize physician-assisted dying took place in Britain’s House of Lords. Since Americans are unfamiliar with this legislative body, it bears mention that most peers in the upper house of Parliament have been appointed for life for their experience in public service or for…

Elderly and frail patients should be allowed to die, says cardiologist

Hospitals resuscitate too many elderly people because society does not see enough death and accept we are mortal, a leading cardiologist has said. Elderly people who are frail and suffering from dementia are routinely given a number of medical interventions in hospitals such as statins, aspirins and flu jabs which…

No, we shouldn’t deny people the right to die because of ‘where it might lead’

There’s nothing so sad as a good policy thrown out because of vague fears about where it might lead, one day, if we made absolutely no effort to stop it, put no safeguards in place, deliberately switched off the electric fence around the T-Rex pen and morphed spontaneously into the full cast of the Lord of the Flies.