Bulletin 17

The last few weeks have been tumultuous. Today we have a new Prime Minister and it is very likely we’ll have an election within the next six months. It’s therefore important that we focus our minds on the very clear information given to us by the votes given by the Senate for or against the Restoring Territory Rights Bill.

Bulletin 16

DWDACT’s submission to the ACT End of Life Committee has now been published on our website. In May I spoke to the committee as an expert witness representing not only the current members but also the many members who began the organization in the nineteen eighties as a branch of VESNSW as well as those who actively worked for reform during their lives and have died since, without seeing the law change.

Bulletin 15

A Bulletin with the focus on the Australian Capital Territory’s Legislative Assembly is calling for submissions to a Select Committee on End of Life Choices

Bulletin 14

This is the first year since 1997 that we have been able to say that we have had some genuine success in reforming the law to give assistance to die.

Bulletin No 13

In my last Bulletin I was optimistic that we might have a legal breakthrough via The Australian constitution which states that the Commonwealth may not make law imposing religious observances.

Bulletin No 12

Today I received some good news from Kirsty Easdale who has been liaising between barristers Greg Barns and John B. Lawrence SC on behalf of DWDACT:
I heard from Greg Barnes today. Both barristers are willing to accept the brief. I will be able to prepare a brief early next week. I will send through some draft observations for your review prior to them being sent to the barristers.