Bulletin 20

Members, meeting dates for this year are in this Bulletin . Please put them in your diary keeping in mind that the 24th of October may be subject to change if our guest speaker cannot make that date. Notices will be sent in advance of the meetings.

Bulletin 19

This 2018 year is ending ambiguously for the ACT Dying with Dignity movement. The pursuit of Federal politicians in Australia to justify their passing the Euthanasia Laws Act which began in April 2 years ago has born some fruit at the international level.

Bulletin 18

This Bulletin must begin with an apology. Due to my absence in South Africa at the World Federation of Right to Die Conference we omitted to inform you that the Public Meeting we thought we could organize in September had to be cancelled due to various speakers we approached not being available on that day. I believe some members went to the Grant
Cameron Community Centre thinking that there would be a meeting.

Bulletin 17

The last few weeks have been tumultuous. Today we have a new Prime Minister and it is very likely we’ll have an election within the next six months. It’s therefore important that we focus our minds on the very clear information given to us by the votes given by the Senate for or against the Restoring Territory Rights Bill.