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helpDying with Dignity ACT Inc. is looking for a person with a 3-5 year life span who would be interested in being a litigant for us in a case that we would put to the ACT Supreme Court. It would not entail any cost to the litigant but there would likely be medical examinations to confirm the state of health of the litigant. We have a lawyer who would make the case for us along the lines of the case run in Canada which asserted that a competent person who is dying should be able to get assistance to die and that it is a breach of their human rights not to. Please contact the secretary [at] dwdact [dot] org [dot] au (secretary@dwdact.org.au, Email from a DWDACT HomePage Link:) if you are interested in helping us.

What we do

Dying with Dignity ACT Inc. is a not for profit organization that is managed by a volunteer committee made up of Canberrans who are committed to law reform which would enable ACT citizens to have assistance to die. We have been running since the 1980s. We,

  • lobby federal and local bodies.
  • recommend to local politicians the legislative changes that we think are needed in the ACT in relation to assisted dying.
  • communicate with DWD and VES organizations around Australia, including YourLastRight.com and The World Federation Right to Die Society.
  • attend national and international conferences.
  • inform ourselves about legislation on assisted dying in other countries.
  • organize forums with local and national speakers of note.
  • run general meetings with speakers each year on a range of matters including organ donation, respecting patients' choices, statistics on polls held on the issue of voluntary euthanasia and enduring power of attorney, dementia and the law.
  • update our members regularly about meetings, the latest publications, ideas, events and other issues through our website, Bulletins, letters and email.
  • participate as members of local groups such the Council of The Ageing, and ACT Health Care Consumers Association.

We welcome new members. Our membership is important to us because we can lobby more effectively if our numbers are high.

We hope you find this website helpful. If you wish to, please write your story about why you are interested in changing the law. That could help us to be more persuasive in influencing politicians to change the law.

Ambassadors for law reform

For decades the majority of Australians have believed that those who are suffering intolerably from a terminal or advanced stage of an incurable illness should have the legal right to request and obtain medical assistance to end their lives with dignity. Many prominent Australians support law reform. View the full list of ambassadors at Dying with Dignity Victoria

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  • Bulletin 9, No 2 – July 2016

    Recently two significant events have occurred in the push to reform the law about how we die. Canada has finally passed a law that implements to a restricted degree the nine person judgement by the Canadian Supreme Court that dying Canadians human rights were infringed by the Crimes Act law that makes the act of assisting people to die a crime. At the World Federation Right to Die Conference in Amsterdam many of the Canadians who attended the conference were unhappy with the restrictions proposed by the law and wished that Canada had just followed the legal judgement by developing regulations for doctors. Nevertheless however limited it is dying Canadians are able to access the law to get assistance to die.

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